Peter Charged for Threatening to Kill Ex-Girlfriend “Denise”

Thursday, April 8, 2021, 7:35 AM GMT-5

Jamaica News, the man who Jamaicans know by the name of Peter has been formally charged by the police after being detained days after the phone call he had with ex-girlfriend Denise went viral. According to Peter Maye who is from Hartlands, St Catherine, he was going to kill her after the three weeks of weekend lock-downs are over.

Females across the island, over the past few weeks have been crying cree with regards to the numerous female killings that have been carried out since the start of 2021.


Jamaicans did not take the call lightly and called for his speedy arrest, suggesting that he should be put away for a long time for the violent threats he made to the female, causing her to not sell in Ochi as she usually does in the past hence she was not able to earn as she uses to.

The police have taken actions and slapped Peter with the following charges, malicious communication and prevention of buying and selling, the charges were issued yesterday.

Peter Maye is expect to appear in front the court soon.

The police are reminding members of the public that threats are treated as extremely serious incidents by the constabulary force and are encouraging those who are receiving threats to make a formal report to the police.

Listen the phone call below.

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