Petro And Unruly Cuz Diss Back Popcaan Brawling

Popcaan’s recent visit to Africa is certainly one that has been making waves back in Jamaica as his “Unruly” fans on the island have been checking on him all the way. 

Recently the deejay performed in Gambia at the Bakan International stadium, where he created a storm with his electric performance that caused the crowd at the event to go into full raving.

One noticeable thing about the performance, however, was the fact that Popcaan used the moment to throw disses at his former “Unruly” camp, associates ‘Cuz’ and ‘Petro’ who in the last year has had a falling out with the deejay.

‘Cuz’ and Poppy allegedly got involved in an altercation last year, in St. Thomas and since then things have never really gotten any better with ‘Petro’ taking the deejay’s cousin’s side in the feud.

In Popcaan’s set, he launched the diss while performing his “Inviolable’ track, released 3 years ago and instead of saying in the song “Petro and Cuz gwan check off a mil” as the lyrics originally were, the ‘Unruly Boss’ switched things up and sang “Petro and Cuz suck your madda still” which even though said overseas actually hit the hardest at home.

Petro was not about to have it though, and responded on his Instagram to what the entertainer said by replying “Suh far u gone wid man pon yo mind? U a muss fish”. The producer was not done either and went on to make Popcaan know in another post that he was looking for attention.

‘Cuz’ did get at the deejay too, by writing on his Instagram telling Popcaan to go suck back his mother while also calling him a “battybwoy”.


Since the altercation between ‘Poppy’ and his cousin, the lines were drawn clear that they were no longer in association since ‘Cuz’, ensured that he removed the unruly from his name, something that Petro who produced songs such as “High All Day” and “Silence”, did as well.

Popcaan has been walking the line since recently between having a good time and being pestered by trouble as he was the victim of an alleged robbery attempt recently in Ghana, coupled with the ruckus that has kicked off  Jamaica due to a feud brewing between himself and Dancehall artiste Versi who did songs to diss the “Only Man She Want” artiste.

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