Phylisa Prussia Reveals SHOCKING Information About Abductor After Being Found

Sunday, October 17, 2021, 8:05 PM GMT-5

After the horrific abduction of Phylisa Prussia on Thursday evening, her entire district in St. Thomas, and even Jamaica to the larger extent is happy that she has been found.

Several interviews were done with the 9-year-old child’s father, Korian Prussia who was elated upon the finding of his daughter. According to him, he was sceptical upon hearing that they found his daughter based on several false reports that were made, however luckily for him his dream came true.


In the process of waiting to see his daughter, Prussia said he prayed about it, eventually getting to see Phylisa 36 hours later.

The child’s father reported that no injuries or any other harm have been detected by the doctors to have been done to Phylisa, however, he said the accused man Davian Bryan used a horrific tactic to gain his daughter’s trust.

According to Prussia, his daughter told him that the abductor gave her a knife and told her to stab him, which she did not do since she said she would not know where to go.

There are also reports that the child asked for the man not to be killed, which many are associating to the traumatic Stockholm syndrome, which can happen in the type of situation that occurred.

Bryan is said to be 45 years old and is currently on bail for rape and illegal firearm charge, which requires that he does not enter the parish of Portland unless it is for court purposes.

Many people have been upset about the situation and were very pleased to know that Phylisa was returned, even Popcaan a St. Thomas native spoke out about the matter and thanked his uncle who is rumoured to have found the little girl.

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