Picture Of Nklyne Mother’s House, Nklyne Bashes Media

Monday, November 8, 2021, 7:41 PM GMT-5

Following the death of vlogger/Artiste Nklyne’s mother, there have been many speculations about the incident which occurred stemming from the abduction of the woman on Friday while at home with her common-law husband. Following a search for her, she was found close to the home in bushes, naked with her face bruised. The incident deeply touched the children of the woman whose real name is Lorna Lake, since it was such an unexpected thing.

The house that the vlogger’s mother lived in was shared online on Monday by the Jamaica Star who wrote that it was a one-bedroom house in Blenheim, Manchester and told how the robbers forced themselves inside, demanded money and carried out the abduction when they got none. As seen in the photo shared, the house is built on a hillside seemingly with zinc and board and painted in pink.

Nklyne’s Mother

Some fans, after looking at the house have been bashing the entertainer online while some others are outlining that she might not have wanted to leave or that the house could be her farming house.

See Some of the comments online below.

On the night of the abduction, Nklyne went live on his channel revealing that his mother was abducted however, many people believed that it was a prank since he is well known for them over at his YouTube channel he shares with his girlfriend Nicki.

It was after a while of speaking people realized the vlogger was telling the truth. After the death of his mother was confirmed, his brothers Vinch and Twi who are also bloggers spoke out about the manner and both were deeply touched by the matter.   

Even though Nklyne has not publicly shown any signs of being shaken up badly, he surely is going through his troubles with coping with the passing of his mother as he even made a post on Instagram ranting “Fuck the media”, which is understandable since there have been strange rumours of him being the cause behind the killing and with the Jamaica Star sharing the house, that could have also upset him.

The residents of her community who spoke to the Jamaica Star had good things to say about the 54-year-old woman, with them describing her as someone who got along well with everyone and had a polite behaviour of always greeting them. 

It is said that she only moved to the community 7 years ago, after previously living in Spalding. She was said to have lived a life of farming and even worked the day of her death, by selling corn in the area.

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