Plateauing of Covid-19 Cases in Jamaica

Saturday, April 3, 2021, 8:05 AM GMT-5

Recently the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Jacqueline Bisasor McKenzie revealed that recent data shows that there is a plateauing in the number of persons infected with Covid-19 after the peak that was recorded on March 8.

During the virtual press conference that was held a day ago, she reported that similar data was seen in August last year, but with the current restrictions implemented by the Government, there is hope that the number of new cases will begin decreasing, although there is no certainty that this will happen if the people disregard the protocols.


She noted that the hospitalisations are still high and the hospitals are now full.

A total of 600 beds are dedicated to Covid patients and the number of Covid patients is now at 700 and if Jamaicans don’t adhere to the restrictions the number of reported cases might remain the same.

The CMO is asking Jamaicans to adhere to the protocols and do all they can to avoid getting infected during the Easter holidays. The holiday weekend could cause an increase in the number of cases and this would be very disappointing at this time.

Check out Jamaica’s Covid-19 states below.

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