Police Beat Man and Step on His Neck in Old Harbour – Watch Video

Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 7:28 PM GMT-5

Public outrage has been sparked over an incident that unfolded between a man and three members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. The incident occurred on a street in Old Harbour, St. Catherine, where the man stood shouting at one officer.

The confrontation quickly escalated when another policeman stepped in and struck the man’s face, resulting in a tussle and a rifle falling to the ground. The hard slap also drew protests from onlookers who became angered by the police officer’s actions.

The argument was related to a BMW car in which he was allegedly a passenger, according to the man recording the incident. A second male, presumably the driver, also began shouting at the officers when they used brutal force against the man.

While bystanders continued to gather around, a policeman proceeded to attack the male again, raised the rifle at him, and shoved him to the ground. It is unclear what happened to the victim at that point, as there was a car obscuring the unfolding events, but one onlooker rushed to plead with the officers.

Soon after, when the male was seemingly trying to stand upright, he was pushed back to the ground, and one officer restrained him on the ground by stepping on his throat.

Irate Onlookers were shouting expletives, and the second male was seen in handcuffs before the video ended.

The video sparked resentment online as viewers argued about the actions displayed by the police and bashed the JCF.

Time and time again, civilians are captured in scuffles with law enforcement, who are mostly blamed for using methods that the public considers anything but lawful.

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