Police Launched Investigation In Suicide Video

An investigation has been launched into to the video of a young man explaining why he committed suicide to figure out if it is that of the 13-year-old boy, who was found dead in Country Club St Mary on Sunday, November 12.

Davion Johnson from Grange Hill, Westmoreland was dead under a chair with a gunshot wound to his chest at a house inside the St Mary Country Club on Sunday morning. It is understood that Johnson, who was a student at the Belmont High School, went to St Mary to visit his mother and stepfather who is a licensed firearm holder.

According to Stephany Lindsay, head of corporate Communication Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force…”the police are aware of the video, but at this time are still carrying out checks and until they are completed we cannot say if it is the teenager.”

In the video which is 2:43 seconds believed to be recorded prior to his death the young man explains why he killed himself and said if he didn’t take his own life he would have grown to become a murder.

See video below:

13-year-old Found Dead ‘Under A Chair’ With Gunshot Wound At Country Club, St Mary

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Marlene Wauchope

Depression is real as real. Kids can depressed too. We as parents need to take the time out and be parents and stop put man and money before our kids. He does not seems like an idiot to me. He was just emotionally in pain. Please don’t kill me now. Why was he not living with his mother?

Tomica Falconer

Kids r very fragile, what makes it even worse he is a boy. Never u call a child names it lowers the self-esteem. It’s our responsibility to elevate our kids mentally, physically, and emotionally. What I would like to know though, why is it a aunt growing this child and not the mom? These things can be a factor. Is it that the mother put man over her son? His he a problem child based on neglect from his parents? This is sad.

Mel Mel

They have a saying ,stick and stones may brake my bones but works could never hurt me…thats a fuckry saying..words hurt more than if some one hits u, being hit at first its painful but the words or hurt lingers in your head and heart forever… it’s sad that his parents didn’t keep him closer after his first attempt..no happy person would try to hurt themselves. Sad depressed and ppl who is hurting and don’t know how to handle the emotional struggles commit suicide..

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