Police Officer Crashes Unmarked Vehicle Into Motorcyclist

A video is circulating the media which shows an unmarked vehicle driven by police personnel crashing into a motorcycle that had two occupants.

The video shows a speeding black vehicle that collided with a bike that was coming from the opposite direction. Two persons were thrown off the motorcycle and landed in different sections on the sidewalk. The rider seems to have sustained injuries as he lays helplessly on the ground, whilst the other occupant got up and went to check on the rider.

Sources reveal that the incident occurred in a community in the Kingston area and the occupants of the motorcycle were male and female. Further to that, it is allegedly reported that the police were chasing the motorcyclist when an unmarked car driven by police officers also crashed into them. The vehicle could be seen with severe front-end damages.

The video ended by showing two police officers on the scene surrounded by multiple persons in the community as they hurled expletives and pointed fingers in one of the officer’s faces.

Check out the video below:

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