Policeman’s Brother Fatally Shot By His Gun

Monday, February 14, 2022, 2:22 PM GMT-5

A policeman grieves the death of his teenage brother who is said to have fatally shot himself Saturday evening with the gun of the police. A close associate of the policeman has described the lawman as being “a mess” during these horrific times.

An investigation is in full effect surrounding the death of Javead Moodie who was 16-year-old. Deputy Superintendent Anton-Gur Cardoza, divisional head of operations, warns that the incident should not be labelled suicide or homicide because the teen might have been playing with the gun.

According to sources, Javead died on his way to the hospital in his brother’s arms. More sources from the Top Halse Home added that the police isn’t speaking to anyone being that he is overwhelmed from the death of his younger brother.

The incident occurred after the police returned home from work, undressed and went directly to the bathroom. As he was maintaining the COVID-19 protocols by showering first, the shot was heard and the boy was found in agony from the gunshot wound he had in his head.

The co-chair of the Clarendon Inter Agency Network, Baldvin McKenzie has confirmed that there was an emergency meeting regarding the psychological state of teenagers in the community held on Sunday evening.

McKenzie added that the meeting was held to minimise these types of incidents and put in place intervention for youths who were already at risk. Several surveys, both local and global, have shown that there has been an increase in mental challenges resulting from stress during the coronavirus pandemic, which has been ongoing for two years and affected schools.


Additionally, McKenzie went on to state that there are several other youngsters in the community who might be struggling from stress, hence the “special youth and children’s intervention is being developed where all the agencies responsible for youth and children will be engaged in a walk-through in the community”.

The president of the Halse Hall Community Development Committee, Edwin Singh, confirmed the plans for intervention was already in motion before the incident took place. The intervention was previously being planned due to the increase in fights between youngsters over the simplest things, which would lead to stones being thrown, trespassing and theft.

Singh went on to state that parents are believed to be stressed to the point where they aren’t aware of what their children are doing. He added that the Minister of Education needs to inquire about the children who haven’t gone back to school since the reopening of schools.

Following the incident, Rosalee Gage-Grey, chief executive officer of the Child Protection and Family Services Agency, have reported that her team is already investigating the community and she awaits their feedback to determine if a community intervention should be the next course of action.

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