Police Officers Fatally Shot a Double Amputee in California – Watch Video

People on Twitter are expressing disbelief and anger and demanding answers following the shooting death of a man whose two legs were amputated. According to The Guardian, the man has since been identified as 36-year-old Anthony Lowe. It was also reported that the incident took place in Huntington Park, a city located in southern Los Angeles County.

While the circumstances before the video are unclear, the video has since sparked public unrest as people question why the officers resorted to using their lethal weapons in an attempt to apprehend the man who was in a wheelchair.


In the video, officers are seen approaching the late Lowe while drawing their firearms. Frightened and afraid, Lowe is seen beside his wheelchair. Upon noticing that the officers have drawn their weapons, Lowe tries to escape while pulling his wheelchair behind him but quickly decides to leave it behind when he notices that they are getting closer to him.

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Trying to hobble away from the wrath of the policemen, Lowe is seen making some progress, but the officers begin to fire shots at him. During the ordeal, Lowes pulled out a knife while running away, but it was to no avail.

It was reported that the officers fired 10 shots which resulted in death.

It was also reported by his family that the father of two lost his legs in another encounter with police officers in Texas. The heartbroken family of the deceased man has since protested and requested that the officers be fired and face murder charges.

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