Police Trying Hard To Crack Case Of The Murdered 9-Year-Old

The Police are now earnestly trying their best to get to the bottom of the murder case that saw 9-year-old Gabriel King’s throat being slashed and left in the back of his mother’s car.

The incident was said to have taken place on Tucker main road in St. James where the mother of the child was pulled out of her Audi sport utility vehicle by the persons who attacked her, however, the body of the 9-year-old was later found in the vehicle on the Fairfield roadway with his throat cut.

Gabriel was also reported to be autistic.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey in a conversation with the Jamaica Observer, the Police have been experiencing a bit of difficulty where cracking the case is concerned as they have been facing various resistances to proceed.

The DCP nonetheless has stated that the investigations are continuing even though the factors that they expected to be normal are not so, he detailed that the Police have been doing extraordinary things to get the necessary help needed to solve the matter.

As it related to the setbacks that the Police have been facing, no information was disclosed and for now, it is only known that they are still taking on the problem with much priority.

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