Police VS Civilians… Another Viral Video

May 7, 2022

Law enforcers, specifically JDF, have been receiving mixed reactions for their recent unwarranted behaviours towards uncooperative civilians that have triggered an investigation and now another video has been shared, showing another set of law enforcers who operate with debatable methods.

The video showing a team of policemen confronting a man and civilians who were apparently being disrespectful was first posted to TikTok where it received mixed reactions on the platform and also on Instagram where it was recently shared.


The one-minute-long video involves two policemen, one who was initially gripping the shirt of a man and another who was ordering and pushing the surrounding civilians away.

Allegedly, the dispute between the officer and the male was due to him calling the officer “batty bwoy” after the police targeted him, he claims, for no reason.

“A me yuh a call batty bwoy?” the police questioned while holding the man by a fist full of his shirt.

The male responded telling the officers they came at him for no reason, and added, “Unnu cyah style man fi nutn, dawg.”

Meanwhile, the other officer was trying to keep the crowd back and his colleague shoves the male into a wired fence, which made the crowd start objecting.

Subsequently, the officer released the male civilian, and the crowd argued with the retreating officers that the male has freedom of speech.


“The man suppose to talk. A wah do unnuh,” someone yelled at the leaving officers. “A fi him mouth, unnuh go suck unnuh madda.“

Following this outburst, the officers turned around inquiring about who shouted the expletives and grabbed one female assuming it was her. However, the female refused to go, and the crowd chanted her innocence.

While she too was released, the crowd once again argued with the officers over having freedom of speech.


After seeing the video, TikTok user vijahlant asked, “so how police want call people all kinds a things an Dem no like it?”

User alekmtchell82 thought “the police” were being very “professional” and blamed the residents for creating problems.


User kancere12 shared, “listen you have to respect authority.”

Additionally, user oral655 wrote, “nobody never video the gun man them but quick to video the police wen them a do them work.”

Watch the incident below.

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