WATCH: Police vs School Boy Controversial Footage; Boy Manhandled and Pepper Sprayed

Saturday, November 25, 2023, 2:01 PM

A video has gone viral of a police officer manhandling a schoolboy in uniform which is said to have taken place somewhere in St. Mary.

The video started with a small cluster of policemen gathered on the sidewalk of a roadway tussling with the young boy, the boy was pepper sprayed during the tussle and then pushed to the ground, while on the ground, one officer had his knee in the student’s chest as his left hand pressed against his throat area in order to keep him pinned against the ground.


The boy was denied water when asked and the officer asked if he thought he was a badman because of his behaviour. The officer eventually put the child to sit, the child then stated, “Mi a tell yuh smn…mi madda leff mi…a mi fada alone. Mi a talk to yuh, mi fada alone a take care of mi. Mi and mi likkle sister…”

Further on in the video, someone can be heard lashing out against the police officer’s actions towards the young boy, however, a lawman replied by saying that the boy was “throwing lick pan di police.” The circumstances which initially led to the situation are unknown and so is the date and time of the incident.

Watch the video: HERE

The comment section of the post had mixed reactions with people wondering what the schoolboy did for the officer to react so aggressively, while others pointed out that nothing warranted that behaviour against a child, and that he could have had medical issues that could have escalated the situation.

Read comments from viewers below:

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