Policeman Punches Man In The Face During Confrontation – Watch Video

A video has surfaced showing a confrontation between a policeman and a civilian in Jamaica. The short video captures the policeman and a man in the middle of a street.

In the video, cars are parked along the roadside, and onlookers are gathered nearby. The footage shows the police officer gripping the man’s pants while the man appears to say something and takes a few steps.

In reaction, the policeman punches the man in the face, steps back, and withdraws his firearm. After aiming the gun at the man while observing him, the officer then returns the weapon to his holster.

While both the officer and the man walk away, a woman can be heard repeatedly protesting, “Yuh shouldn’t lick the man, officer.”

Watch the video of the policeman and the civilian below:

The video was shared on Instagram on Monday, but the date of the incident is unknown. The location looks like Half Way Tree, beside the park. The clip received mixed reactions, with one viewer stating, “See how the man calm c n walk weh Man nuh drink him soup when it hot ere dat.”

Another viewer wrote, “So wey the man do him box the man then pull him firearm and the man didn’t even make any threatening advances 😮.”

Read more of the comments below:

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