‘Man in white’ Blamed for Ocho Rios Deadly Robbery – Watch Video

Surveillance footage of the fatal robbery at Evergreen Cambio in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, has led many viewers to believe that a man present at the scene helped in orchestrating the heinous crime. The incident, which occurred on Monday, resulted in the fatal shooting of a security guard and injuries to an employee and a 9-year-old student.

According to reports, a white Toyota Probox motor car drove up to the Cambio on Main Street at around 5:40 p.m. while 51-year-old security guard Harold Bailey and an employee were closing the establishment. The armed men quickly exited the vehicle and opened fire at Bailey and the employee.

Consequently, Bailey and the employee were shot multiple times and reportedly robbed. The gunmen allegedly stole an undetermined amount of cash from the employee, and a firearm from Bailey.

Bailey, a resident of Mountain View in Kingston, reportedly died at the scene. The employee was taken to the hospital, along with a student who was discovered with a gunshot wound to his upper arm in the area. The injured victims were both admitted in serious but stable conditions.

While the incident is under investigation, surveillance footage has emerged showing the white Toyota Probox stopping at the establishment and two gunmen emerging from the vehicle. Two men can be seen outside the cambio, one wearing a black shirt and the other wearing a white shirt.

The gunmen open fire at the one in the black shirt, who falls to the ground. When one of the robbers bends over the victim, seemingly robbing him, the man in the white shirt calmly walks away. The man glances back at the robbers several times, and towards the end of the video, the gunmen depart the scene in their waiting vehicle.

Watch the video of the incident below:

After the footage was shared online, one viewer stated, “How that person in white stayed so calm needs to be studied.” Another viewer wrote, “The man in the white set it up.” A third viewer said, “Man ina white is the spotter…”

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