Popcaan Address Luciano Over His Comments On “Never Sober” Track

Friday, November 17, 2017, 11:11 AM

[Sharingbuttons]Unruly boss Popcaan has responded to Luciano over comments he made during a performance in the United Kingdom back in August.

Luciano took issue with Popcaan over his “Never Sober” single calling him out for saying he is “higher than Jehovah”


“Popcaan, it look like him pop outta the pot too far cause him sing one song weh say him higher than Jehovah. You can believe that? Guess why him say so? Cause him never yet sober,” Luciano said during his performance.

During his performance on Wednesday night at the Jamrock Reggae Cruise Popcaan addressed Luciano before performing the single.

“Me wah seh nuff love and respect to father Luci [Luciano]. But guess wah, father Luci, yuh see as a elder, yuh see if me seh sup’m inna mi song weh yuh nuh like, me woulda like if yuh approach me and seh ‘Popcaan, you seh sup’m weh mi nuh like and mi disappointed.’ Mi nuh want yuh go pan stage go bun me out as a elder cause mi nuh feel good bout it,” Popcaan said


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