Popcaan Collaborates With Queen Ifrica’s Son On Soon To Be Released Track

The “Unruly Boss” Popcaan is showing the world that he believes in the youths of today, where helping them to build a life filled with elevation is concerned, and the most recent move that the deejay has been seen making in that regard is a collaboration with female Reggae artiste Queen Ifrica’s son, Imeru Tafari, that looks like it will be released very soon.

The first snippet of the collab moment was first posted on Tafari’s page showing himself and the “Unruly” deejay in the studio with the producer Atto, from Attomatic Records who seemed to have joined forces with Dan Sky, to create the beat.

Taking a wild guess from our side, our best bet is that the track will be called “Elevate” since a video clipping that both entertainers had posted on their Instagram account, clearly gives a preview of some of the song’s lyrics at the point of the chorus that starts with Popcaan singing “Dem haffi watch we a elevate” which was done four times before transitioning into the second half of the hook that heard the melodic Rastafarian artiste, picking up by uttering “All when time rough we a celebrate, dem haffi watch we an elevate, while dem a fight and a segregate”.

This is a great move for Popcaan, who has referred to himself as a “Gad” in the industry, as he now gets the opportunity, to give a fresh talent the platform to develop into someone greater, and that is key for the “Unruly” deejay at this time since he has been getting a lot of backlashes lately from entertainers who were previous members of his camp, before falling out with him.

Queen Ifrica too must be enjoying the proud moment, seeing her son taking up the baton of music and running with it even though she has not yet finished the musical race. What she did though, was to seriously burn a fire in recent times on what has been taking place in the country, and in the Reggae music industry which was well received by many, including Popcaan himself.

It’s no surprise that the deejay has decided to collaborate with the son of the Queen, with the song already sounding like a big hit that will take the young artiste’s career to a next level.

Check out the preview below.

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