Popcaan Provokes Ms. Rhona While Driving “Pastor a push the range and shame dem!”

Saturday, December 2, 2023, 9:14 PM

One thing for certain is that dancehall star Popcaan is going to provoke his mother, Miss Rhona. This fun-loving relationship between the two is often shared with the media where their friendship have been said to exemplify the ideal mother-son bond.

In another episode of the 876Gud artiste jokingly teasing his mother, she was videoed unknowingly while driving. With one hand on the steering wheel, wearing no seatbelt, while looking all calm and cozy, Miss Rhona was once again the victim of one of Popcaan’s usual shenanigans.


“Pastor a push the range and a shame dem, dat is it man! Yea man me and the Pastor”

Being accustomed to her son’s antics, she looked to the camera, waved him off and continued on her journey maneuvering the Range Rover like a pro.

Watch the video of Popcaan and Miss Rhona below:

Some persons reacted to the video by highlighting how comfortable his mom looked while driving, “Ms. Rhona look boasts yuh fret! 1 hand pon e wheel!!!!!” Another comment said, “His mom prayers keep him safe and bless.”

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