Popcaan Reacts to Quada and Mutabaruka

August 14, 2022

Popcaan boasts that he is “so rich dem feel seh a cocaine money” in a new song, which also serves as a response to Quada, who implied that Popcaan was selfish.

Popcaan released his single Cocaine Money on Sunday, bragging about his 200-carrot ‘876 Gud’ chain that is heavy around his neck. Upon releasing the track, Popcaan posted a few hints on Instagram that made it clear he was responding to Quada for commenting on the millions he made.


Quada, a former member of the Unruly camp, indicated that Popcaan was selfish for keeping the entire 22 million he was allegedly paid to perform at the Kingston Music Festival. He indicated that Popcaan should have given his supporters a portion of the money.

Popcaan responded to Quada, saying, “I’m so rich dem feel seh a cocaine money….Mi haters feel seh a cocaine money.” While previewing the song on his Instagram, Popcaan asked with laughing emojis in the caption, “How much mill again?? Twenty wha??”

He also added a video to his Instagram Story in which he was saying, “Mi sing bout vision till mi go inna mi dream bredda and mi start live mi dream and some man vex. Yuh feel like mi first car was a Bimmer or a Bloodc***t Benz, mi first car was a Honda.”

In the following post, Popcaan reacted to Mutabaruka, who had commented on Popcaan being paid millions. Mutabaruka had said that he would be willing to carry the superstar’s “spliff”, to which the Cocaine Money artiste responded by laughing.

Watch Popcaan’s Cocaine Money below.

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