Popcaan Responds to Notnice… Says Notnice “Pree Him” for Money

Saturday, April 11, 2020, 12:21 PM GMT-5

Popcaan here explaining why himself and producer Notnice are not friends anymore, “Vybz kartel can tell people seh a me a the meaning a loyalty bredda” the unruly boss went on to explain that everyone else who had fallen out with Kartel dissed Vybz Kartel except him.

Popcaan went on to explain that he was the last artiste to “buss” from the Gaza camp because he waited his turn.

Popcaan also dismissed Notnice’s claims of their falling out being because of Jafrass not being apart of the unruly camp. Popcaan states that he and Notnice stop seeing eye to eye because he did not pay Notnice after a recent tour in England.

“dah fat gut bwoy deh fi tell the people how much song mi write fi him” Popcaan insights that he wrote for Jah Vinci, the song “Home fi meet dem maka” the unruly Bossy sings.

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Top dancehall producer Notnice is making it clear that himself and Popcaan are not good anymore, he said “dem a pretend seh everything good.. me and unruly anuh friend u zimi.. suh unuh can top ask me now” he went on to state that “unruly a duh dem thing and me a duh my thing”

Notnice did not stop there, he went on to say “Popcaan diss Jahvinci for no reason” he also went on to say that “Popcaan a pussy tell him seh mi seh that”.

Notnice also stated that his artiste Jafrass was not apart of unruly and that caused issues between himself and Popcaan.

It’s unclear what could have caused Popcaan to  diss Javinci recently.

Many fans are now calling out Popcaan as he fails to respond to Alkaline’s recent diss track titled “Monopoly” which sent several insults at the unruly boss. Alkaline stated that Popcaan watch El Chapo on Netflix and thought he was gangster too.

Popcaan wrote the following online via his IG about Jah Vinci

popcaan vs jah vinci

popcaan vs jah vinci



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