Popcaan Teaches His Mother How To Drive [Video]

Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 11:42 AM GMT-5

Jamaican dancehall star Popcaan seems to be spending more time with his mother during the quarantine period.

“that is not a good way fi tek dah corna deh yo hear.. bought yuh a cut corna” Popcaan warns his mother about her bad driving as she take him for a drive in his “Space Ship”.


Popcaan during the drive reminds his mother to use her indicator when making turns which highlight the fact that Miss Rhona is not an experienced driver.

Popcaan himself did a questionable move by not wearing a seat belt while his mother clearly had hers on. Watch full below

On the other hand, while Popcaan has hair in the video the unruly boss had a haircut since.

Popcaan posted the picture below yesterday on IG, one fan asked “Where is your hair 😳😳😳”, while another said “Am not liking this look 😭😭😭”.

Popcaan who did not have much to say about his new look wrote “RAPID eeh UP”

Popcaan cuts His hair

Andrae is now 31 years old, See Popcaan below when he had hair on his head.

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