Portia’s Body Guards Killer Convicted for Murder

Saturday, December 22, 2018, 6:20 PM GMT-5

On January 25, 2019, in the Home Circuit Court, the man who has been convicted of shooting and killing the former Prime minister of Jamaica Portia Simpson Miller’s bodyguard 11 years ago will be sentenced.
The trial was presided over by Justice Evan Brown and at the end, Veron Irving was found guilty by all the jurors for the murder of Sergeant Egerton Brown, he was shot and killed while he visited his girlfriend’s house.

Irvin and another man decided to rob the officer as he and his girlfriend sat in his car, so they were ordered to exit the car, and then the cop was robbed of his car, his money and his cell phone. During the robbery, there was a struggle between Irvin and Brown and the girlfriend escaped. 
Irvin managed to rob Brown of his firearm and used it to shoot him before they left the scene in the stolen motor car, but they decided to abandon it not long after. When the girlfriend returned to the scene she saw the injured officer and took him to the Kingston Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead. 


Some of the witnesses reported that after the incident took place, Irvin admitted that he was the person who killed Portia’s bodyguard. Irvin made efforts to secure Brown’s firearm, but not long after it was used in an alleged robbery and it was seized by the police. When the case was being investigated, Irvin was apprehended and taken into custody in October 2007.

Irvin’s attorney refuted all claims, but she was only able to call one character witness and the DNA evidence used by the prosecution to place the accused at the scene made it impossible for him to avoid the charges.

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