Potential Kidd Now Living A Happily Married Life… SEE PICS

Monday, October 25, 2021, 10:03 PM

Dancehall artiste Potential Kidd is currently enjoying the time of his life with his newly wedded wife Alethea Henry with whom he said the sparks of love, at first sight, went off when they initially met.

According to the “Yah suh nice” deejay, he met Henry outside the Christ Anglican Church in New Jersey while he was passing through the area on an invite by a friend.


The Trench Town native whose real name is Dwayne Taylor, says it was love at first sight when he met Alethea for the first time and even though he was blown away by her beauty the entertainer said that it was when his wife spoke to him for the first time that he was caught and had an intuitive feeling that told him she was going to be his wife.

According to the deejay, the way his wife had put herself together also attracted him and it was not a search for prettiness that led him to fall for her but the fact that she is a real girl.

The entertainer also expressed that him and his wife getting together has to be an act of fate since they both have sons by the name of Joshua, as well as Alethea’s son Joshua in England, having a father with the name Dwayne which is Potential Kidd’s real name.

The entertainer also described his wife of just over a month to be very down to earth and loyal, who always makes him feel kingly. In Potential Kidd’s eyes, he is very comfortable at this point due to his newfound happiness with his wife.

The two have been said to have dated for 5 months before having a privately arranged wedding however, they did keep an official ceremony for their good wishers who also thought that the coming together of the two was due to fate.

The couple has declared their plans to start a family with Potential Kidd also planning to bounce back in the music industry with his wife’s secret involvement. Alethea even made a statement saying that she supports the deejay’s career to the fullest but stated that Dwayne Taylor is a different person from the artiste persona, as he is a gentleman in that mode.

According to Kidd’s wife, the entertainer is her everything and describes him as a polite person who knows how to be funny. She also expressed that her honeymoon is not over as yet, and might just continue for the next few years by the way they are enjoying each other.

The wife of the talented artiste currently works as a sensory scientist in a New Jersey Pharmaceutical company that has its main operations in London. Alethea, also has her mother and other family members living in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

See pics of the two below.

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