Precautionary Measures for Covid-19

Sunday, March 22, 2020, 5:49 PM GMT-5

There is no vaccine to prevent being infected with the virus COVID-19 and taking the necessary precautionary measures to avoid getting the novel coronavirus is critical.

There needs to be 60% alcohol in the hand sanitizers, your hands should be wet, with a good amount of the liquid and you need to do 20 seconds or more of hand rubbing as you cover all the surfaces of the whole hand. Using hand sanitizers is still seen as a good way to clean your hands in-between hand washing.

For persons who are interested in using natural remedies to treat COVID-19. There is a lot they should consider because the Novel coronavirus is new, the professionals who use natural remedies to treat others might not know which herbs to use when they are treating patients who have it.

Even though Jamaicans already practice good hygiene there is also a lot of important things they need to know.

They should stay home if they are feeling ill, even though there are a lot of viruses going around at this time and they can’t tell if you have COVID-19 until they are tested. Cover your mouth and nose properly when you cough or sneeze.

a total of 4 Quarantine facilities are available islandwide.

It’s reported that the Coronavirus pandemic is expected to peek this winter.

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