Pregnant Woman & Her Spouse Involved In A Series Of Robberies Downtown- Says Police

A pregnant woman and her common-law husband are linked to a number of robberies in downtown Kingston, according to the police.

The couple reportedly travels around on a bicycle and normally frequents crowded areas in downtown Kingston.

According to a news report, the woman is the one that goes around and identifies would be victims and points them out to her common-law husband.

Police reports that the two are behind a series of robberies in the downtown area.

The police are also moving to increase their presence in the downtown area as the Christmas season approaches.

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Paulette Campbell

they need to go to jail

Wolrd Wide Entertaiment

Banny and clide

Lemar Fire-Blacks Thomas

Right now am sorry for every innocent pregnant women downtown

Dotlyn Dyer

What will their child become

Nyron Cole Stone

Unuh betta start bwal…b4 te baby born bcuz this look like the tripple 333……TTT thief thief thief….if a did ome a the top class pple dem the head line would read politician charge for embezzlement uptown.