Prime Minister Holness Introduces Vaccine Mandates For Government Events

While speaking at the handing over ceremony for the 200,000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccines set to arrive from China, Prime Minister Andrew Holness had some very important announcements to make to those who were in attendance at the event and the wider public. As a development in the introduction of vaccine mandates to Jamaica, Mr Holness said that only those persons fully vaccinated will be permitted to be in attendance of Government events or any other function that they have to approve.

The Prime Minister in his talks at the ceremony expressed that many avenues have been tried to assist in the process of the protection of public health. He gave a light commendation to the persons in attendance at the event that all health protocols were followed which seemed to have raised the spirits of Mr Holness along with the fact that to his knowledge all who were present were fully vaccinated. He went on to speak to the new development stating that once a person is invited to events organized and planned by the Government, the invitee will need to be fully vaccinated to be in attendance.


Prime Minister Holness also attributed the new protocols to all public gatherings under the regiment of the Government, noting that persons will need to be fully vaccinated before they can visit these events. These measures have been deemed as important by the Prime Minister in Jamaica’s efforts of recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, as he described the virus as an existent threat for which the Government has utilised its resources to help the country to transition to living with it.

According to the Prime Minister, a smooth transition into coping with the virus would mean that the people will need to move on with their lives which in Mr Holness’s perspective is them taking the vaccine.

Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Chris Tufton recently announced that an amount of 200,000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine is set to arrive in the country on Saturday from China, which he stated will provide persons with vaccine options and he hopes to be a causal factor to more Jamaicans getting the jab.

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