Prisoner to Be Set Free After 50 Years Without Trial

Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 9:38 AM GMT-5

George Williams allegedly committed a crime and he was caught at his home and taken away to Kingston 50 years ago. His younger brother and another relative are now speaking about his case. He said he told the persons at the institution that it was time for his brother to be sent home.

Their mother was traumatized for years as she searched for her son until she found him in St. Catherine District prison and it seems as though he had mental problems when he was locked up. The brother had noticed that he ate raw coco when he was at the home before he got locked up.

George Williams’ mother was always talking to lawyers and other persons as she tried to get him out of prison before she died.

 Other relatives said they picked up where she left off and they kept on trying.

However, the persons they spoke to were not willing and able to help them. The relatives think it is not fair for Williams to be imprisoned as persons who did worse crime, got shorter sentences than him. 

Since the death of Noel Chambers, the prisoner who recently died in the prison while he waited for a trial. More attention has been given to the prison system and the inmates who are mentally unstable and unfit to be tried.

They are looking forward to having Williams at home very soon, as his case has been getting attention since the death of Chambers. They think the Government has failed their relative.

71-year-old George Williams appeared in court for the first time in 48years last week at the St. Catherine Circuit Court, he reportedly stared down Justice Stephanie Jackson-Haisley.

Williams’ attorney-at-law, Isat Buchanan stated that they they are heading in the right direction.

Mr. Williams is expected to be released soon however several requirements must be meth to facilitate the 71 yer old.

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