Producer Gives details about Fallout! with Squash and Heavy D… Paid 5months ago

October 20, 2020 12:16 AM

Business gone wrong, Studious Entertainment Boss did an interview with Jamaican vlogger Fame Edjahz where he explained his side of what happened between himself Squash and Heavy D.

Earlier the producer took to Instagram and exposed several voicenotes and texts of himself and both Heavy D and Squash exchanging not so nice words after the deal they planned for went sour.


According to the co-founder of Studious entertainment, he knew Heavy D from a longer time hence he visited Heavy D initially and negotiated a deal to get Squash to voice on his riddim at half the price Squash usually charge to voice on a riddim. Studious explain that he was initially told 5k to 6k USD to voice Squash.

squash 6ix boss 2020

After a week or so the producer details that he got a call from Heavy D giving him the good news that Squash agreed to record on the riddim for the price agreed.

“I sent him two separate payments that amount 350 thousand Jamaican dollars” the young producer went on to explain that the payment was made 5 months ago “from deh suh everything guh down enuh bredda” he states.

“He acknowledges on several occasions that he got the riddim and money was good” outlines the producer who also disclosed that he got a Daddy1 track from Heavy D instead of a Squash song in the end however he is not going to release the Daddy1 song he got.

Studious Entertainment Boss

Amidst the drama, the producer took to social media and post the following below.

The producer states that he sees this as a loss but he was not going to just take the disrespect lightly without informing the public what young producers go through at times when trying to get a popular artiste on their riddim.


In response to the controversy, Squash took to his Instagram and posted the message below.

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Listen to the full interview below.


After not receiving the song he paid for, the producer inbox Squash, see the messages below.

The producer then posted the following to his story online.


In a voice note released with the voice of Heavy D, we hear “a me yah seh yuh a try set up batty bwoy… well mi nah look bout fi nuh money enuh… mi nah look bout nuh pussy claat money fi yo.. guh ask Squash fi yo money”

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