Protoje and Chronixx featured on Alicia Keys’ latest Remix

Sunday, March 29, 2020, 12:40 PM GMT-5

Protoje and Chronixx were featured on Alecia Key’s remix of her latest single ‘Underdog’. RCA Records released it and it was co-produced by P2J and Izzy Beats.

In a recent interview, Protoje explained how the collaboration began.

He explained how he was approached in early January and he was in the studio with Chronixx at about 10:00 pm, when he got a call asking if he could take a 6:00 am flight out in the morning. So he wrapped up the session with Chronixx, got ready, drove to the airport and flew to Los Angeles. He got up the next morning and did the song.

He also described being in the studio with Alecia.

He thought she was awesome and working with her was easy as she’s very chill, very down-to-earth. It was all positive.

The project manager for Chronixx, Alex Rivas commented on his involvement in the collaboration as well.

“Chronixx being featured on Alicia’s Underdog remix says a lot about Jamaican music and the Caribbean culture overall. The timing of this collaboration is perfect.”

He continued by stating “People all over the world need uplifting messages now just as it is said in the song, ‘…destined for greatness…”

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