Putin Readies Nuclear Weapons In case USA or NATO Interfere

President Putin has given out orders for Russia’s nuclear forces to be on high alert as he says that western leaders have made aggressive statements about Russia.

The President has also spoken on the sanctions, stating that the international sanctions are illegitimate.

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson has reportedly described President Putin’s actions as a distraction from the ongoing war in Ukraine. Similarly, The US declares that it is completely unacceptable.

According to reports, President Putin gave his military chiefs the order stating, “top officials of leading NATO countries are making aggressive statements about our country.” He continued by saying, “Therefore, am ordering the ministry of defence and the chief of the general staff to put the strategic nuclear forces on special alert.”

Reportedly, Putin practice one week ago by overseeing exercises of Russia’s strategic deterrent forces.

His orders are a clear warning to America and NATO to not intervene in his current activities in Ukraine.

Additionally, Putin, having complete control over the media, uses censored TV reports to spin the reality of what is happening. However, since news and information are being accessed online by many Russians, more persons are becoming aware of the reality.

Russian State TV has been claiming that “Russian troops are liberating eastern Ukraine and that Moscow is using force in the interests of peace.”

Recently, Russian State TV reportedly stated that their submarines can launch over 500 nuclear warheads that can destroy America and NATO.

Watch the video below.

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