Videos Of Russian Soldiers Looting Ukrainian Supermarket And Bank Goes Viral

Sunday, February 27, 2022, 9:00 PM

Videos have started to surface on social media which have been showing Russian soldiers in very compromising positions which find them looting supermarkets, stores and even a bank to apparently survive.

Based on a footage that surfaced on Twitter, Russian soldiers are seen digging down a Supermarket in Ukraine for items, however, there is no surety as to the exact locations of the occurrences.


Another footage shows Soldiers in a bank taking a whole safe for themselves and these happenings have caused the Ukrainian deputy defence Minister Hanna Maliar to warn territorial residents to arm themselves.

According to Maliar, one of the reasons why the Russian troops have decided to go on with this looting is because their supplies have been diminishing which the Defense Minister spoke of stating that the ability for them to replenish their resources needs to be further compromised.

The troops though have decided not to back down and as such have pushed on to replenish themselves at the expense of civilians.

As a way forward, Russia had sent a proposal that they would have met with Ukrainian officials at the Belarusian border to see what agreement they could foster up which the invaded country initially rejected but eventually agreed to on the condition that the military stronghold of Belarus be present which the country’s president Alexander Lukashenko has no problem with.

Watch Russian Soldiers loot Ukrainian supermarkets and bank below.

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