Queen Ifrica Details How Her Father Sexually Violated Her, “My Father Derrick Morgan is a Pervert” – Watch Video

Via a live chat, reggae artiste Queen Ifrica says years after not knowing her father, she finally met him and began creating a bond with him. She continued by detailing that in the process of building a father-and-daughter relationship, she spent the night at her dad’s house, which led to her being raped by her father, Derrick Morgan, which inspired her song, Daddy.


According to the singer, her lyrics in the Daddy song, ‘Daddy don’t touch me there, am gonna to tell on you one day I swear,’ were directed at her father, hence why she has come forward to expose him, “Uno nuh hear me seh me never did ago stop.”

Before giving her story, Ifrica outlined that God called upon her to tell her story by making a “creature” called “Derrick Morgan” appear in front of her on social media. Ifrica is referring to TikTok personality “Derrick” who shares the same name as her father.

While explaining her situation Ifrica stated, “A one room and a one bed, so inna the hours me go to bed and go lay down pon the bed, me father never ready to go to bed yet and the next thing me wake up to inna the hours […] me father a penetrate me, me wake up inna the hours to me father trying fi penetrate me sexually, hold me dung inna the bed and have sex wid me and tell me seh him wife nah have no sex wid him, so him haffi dweet wid me,” Queen Ifrica revealed.


A visibly emotional, Queen Ifrica continued to share her heartfelt story by disclosing that her brother was also “a victim of rape inna the family”, she also called him out for commenting on one of her posts on social media and not supporting her during her time of need.

Queen Ifrica addresses her brother’s comments and actions by stating, “None a them never come out an come defend me yet wid all a wah me a go through, but my brother is going to come on social media underneath me post and write seh ‘if ignorant people like Queen Ifrica’.”

She continued by saying, “Merrick Morgan me tell yuh inna private seh yuh never did ago get weh and me never did ago tek it no more from the Morgan family and if the good Morgan them inna the Morgan family do not stand up and defend the good name of the Morgan family, because even though Derrick Morgan is the head of the family and everybody is protecting, Derrick Morgan is a pervert, my father Derrick Morgan is a pervert.”

See the video below:


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