Queen Ifrica Says She Can’t “Find likkle God” in Minister Hall’s Church Services, “Di devil inna har”

Despite Queen Ifrica agreeing with Minister Marion Hall about Brittany Goffe not accepting TikTok gifts from Nicki Minaj, there is still bad blood between the Rastafarian singjay and the minister. Ifrica reminded everyone that she had not forgiven Marion, formerly known as Lady Saw, for spreading “lies” about her.

The lies in question are the allegations Marion made some time ago, in which she labelled the fellow female artiste as a lesbian. The allegations led Ifrica to open up about her past trauma of being molested by a female at a young age.



However, Marion has not retracted her words since Ifrica went public about the sensitive incident. In light of this, the controversial reggae artiste said that she needed an apology from Marion during a new video she did.

“Mi nah leggo fi har case nuh time soon enuh, she affi go apologise to me bout dem lie deh weh she tell bout me, and all now mi nuh see nuh God inna she yet,” Ifrica said.

Queen Ifrica

She also added, “Every minute when mi click pan her live a try find likkle God inna har likkle sermon dem, mi still nah find none.”

She went on to indicate that Marion was not serving God, while urging her to confess and be baptised again to start anew. She also indicated that Marion was an admirer of the devil, leading a “demon army.”

As she continued to chastise Marion for her actions, she added, “Mi cyah find nuh reason fi forgive har because di devil inna har.”

Watch the video of Queen Ifrica below:


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