Queenie and Dewy Tieing The Knot This Weekend

Wednesday, March 17, 2021, 4:24 PM GMT-5

Well known internet personality and artiste Queenie, also known as lady Gangsta is gearing up to get married on Saturday and she is very excited about it.

The lucky guy is Dwayne “Dewy” Scarlett, who is also very excited about tieing the not too, and has expressed how he felt by saying he feels like he is being born again.

For Queenie, she told the star that she frequently experiences butterflies just thinking about it because she is getting married on the beach and that is something she had always wanted to do since she was a child.

The wedding will be kept at Hellshire and will live stream on the entertainer’s YouTube where all her fans can view the event.

She will also have her special guests visiting the wedding. According to Lady Gangsta, the wedding was supposed to be small however she was advised by her mother that she should get a dress which she did and now she is even more prepared than ever for the day.

According to the internet sensation, she met “Dewy”, when she flew in during the pandemic because her brother died, and since then the romance has just gotten better, regardless of a 20-year gap between the two.

Check out the two love birds having fu below.

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