Queenie and Dowey Tease a New Single Together After Reuniting – Video

Following their latest reunion, social media personalities Queenie and Dowey are preparing to release a new single together.

Queenie and Dowey split last year and appeared to finally be ready to officially call it quits. However, after separating for several months, the couple recently reunited and are back on good terms and back in the studio.

The entertainers, who also go by the names Queen Ladi Gangsta and Dowey Don, previously released the track One Man To Mi Goodie, which brought them considerable attention.

During a livestream on Thursday, the couple gave fans a taste of their new song while they were in the studio.

“Eh, two a wi dawk like midnight, but light inna wi relationship. Wi really did separate. Return and a nock dem wid di heavyweight. A we di worl a penetrate [ … ] Mi nah lef, mi lah lef. Mi wife special inna every way,” Dowey deejays on their new track.

As she does in the single, Queenie expressed during the live stream that she was very excited and that their collaboration was a long time coming.

“Yuh know how long him fi sing a song fi mi [ … ] Yuh know how long mi want him sing one song fi mi [ … ] God and time. I’m excited, reunited,” Queenie stated.

Dowey and Queenie

Queenie also addressed some of her haters during the live stream. She said that they did not want to make music with her or give her any ads or promotions, but she and her husband are a brand and business partners.

While reacting to negative comments from viewers on the live stream, Queenie expressed that she had changed her mind, seemingly referring to her breakup with Dowey. While speaking to a friend and supporter who joined the live stream, Queenie shared that things had become watered-down during the months Dowey was gone.

She further shared that she was hesitant initially to respond to Dowey when he reached out to her before they reunited during an interview. But the Double Tap artiste went on to declare that she will always be there for him while pushing back against negative comments.

“Yes, if him bl***cl**t hungry, him suppose to come back to mi. Move unuh bl***cl**t. Mi nah lef him fi stranded. Mi a trow straw gi him cause a mi husband,” Queenie stated.

Watch Queenie and Dowey’s live stream below.

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