Queenie Promises To “Mess Up” Dewey

Queenie declared to her haters that her husband, who left her earlier today, was now available. In an Instagram post that follows two posts she made talking about Dewey walking out on her, Queenie told all of the “rat bats” who wanted Dewey to take him.

Queenie also explained that true marriage is when a “King protect his kingdom and a Queen protect her King”.


She went on to add that she has never done her husband any harm, and she will always speak her truth and speak on behalf of women who are suffering in silence.

“I think 98% of we women live inna domestic abuse and because a shame, unnuh tongue tie and twist,” she stated in the video that was captioned, ‘Speak Ur Truth’. “I am the speaker for a lot of women. Girl power.”

She subsequently said that people continue to discriminate against her and never highlight the good things she has done. However, she informed everyone that she will forever recognize her own greatness.

Queenie concluded the video by saying that she messed up everything for Dewey because it’s “Messup fi Messup”.

Queenie’s fans have been offering many words of encouragement and support while they send prayers for the woman who was dubbed Queen of Crazy for her usual joyful and wildly entertaining persona that is always authentic and uncut.

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Watch the video below.

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