R. Kelly Back in Court Today To Ask Judge About Going To Dubai To Perform 4-5 Shows

March 22, 2019

R and B Super Star Singer R.kelly reportedly signed a contract to perform at several shows in Dubai before he was arrested recently and had to give up his passport as part of his bail. Recently he had to pay a 100k bond to be released from jail and is currently charge over 100k in child support.

Kelly will appear in a Chicago court today with hope of getting back his passport to travel. Even though R. Kelly is not getting shows in the west(Americas) he seems to be needed in the far East. Recently his fans had to help him to pay his 100k bond. R. kelly USA shows are cancelled.


R. Kelly’s lawyer Steven Greenberg stated that “He’s not gonna hide he’s not gonna flee” pleading that if Kelly was thinking about fleeing he would not have asked the judge for permission to leave.

on the other hand a Group Called Mute R. Kelly Org. sends a letter to the jude requesting the judge to not allow the rnb legend to travel, stating that many of R. Kelly’s alleged victims were girls from his concerts.

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In a recent interview Lisa Van Allen, who is an ex-girlfriend of the famous singer, spoke about the relationship between Aaliyah and him. She said, “R Kelly had confessed to her that he had slept with Aaliyah’s mother during the time when he was sleeping with Aaliyah who was 15 year old at the time.”

Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg is now saying that Aaliyah had coerced R Kelly into believing that she was older. Even though it is alleged that documents were forged by the singer to change the teenager’s age. READ FULL: https://yardhype.com/r-kelly-denies-sleeping-with-aaliyahs-mom/



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