RajahWild Drops ‘GO GO’ Music Video: Rvssian Says He Wish He Had Bob Marley On ‘Dutty Money Riddim’

Saturday, December 9, 2023, 10:56 PM GMT-5

Dancehall producer Rvssian teams up with deejay RajahWild, the “sinful ratbat” to create a high-tempo club track titled ‘GO GO’. It’s a witty song in which the 2023 beakout dancehaller sings about the type of girls he likes and how much he’s not afraid to spend money on bad girls.

Some lyrics from the song, “Tell yo sup’n weh yo doh know mi like bad bitch, mi like Go Go, she like pop pill she like zone out… a ratbat in charge stop it maamz weh yuh a guh wid gaaz.”

Leading up to ‘GO GO’ music video release on Saturday, Rvssian took to X to make a provocative comment about having the legendary Bob Marley featured on his new ‘Dutty Money Riddim’.

This comment has raised many eyebrows because Bob Marley is known to mainly make conscious music on slow riddims, while ‘Dutty Money Riddim’ is a fast beat and so far all of the songs featured on the riddim are raunchy and filled with explicit language.

The music video has a black theme to it and features RajahWild, Rvssian plus multiple eye-catching video vixens, it was shot mainly inside of a strip club, with scenes also from inside a high-raised apartment residence.

The two-minute forty-one-second-long music video which was shot and edited by ‘Now or Never’ racked up impressive numbers after its release, gaining over 30k views in just 2 hours. The track is expected to dominate the YouTube trending and other dancehall charts soon.

Check out the new music video below:

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