Rap Legend, Lil Wayne reportedly sold his masters for over $100 million

In a deal with Universal Music Group said to worth more than 100 million US Dollars. The transaction reportedly occurred in June, however, it was not declared publicly until after a lawsuit from Wayne’s one-time manager.

According to Sweeney during the same period, Wayne requested that he fired his longtime manager Cortez Bryant as it related to a conflict of interest concerning a legal dispute with Drake, Wayne and Cash Money. After firing Bryant, according to Sweeney, he took on Bryant’s role and duties as well as convinced Lil’ Wayne to increase his incentive from 10% to 17.


In an interview with TMZ, Sweeney said the pair of Mack Maine and Bryant plotted against him in an attempt to offset the relationship developed between himself and Weezy, it concluded with Sweeney being fired.

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Wayne’s reported 100 million Dollar deal surfaces only after Kanye tried to purchase his masters from Universal during last summer, However, his efforts were handed several pushbacks by contractual agreements that he had signed prior.

West made posts on Twitter showing over 100 pages of legal documentation, he suggested that the guidelines for recording and publishing deals should be revised.

Lil Wayne is being sued by Ronald Sweeney for north of $20 million, claiming the rapper acquired his services in 2005 seeking assistance to adjust contractual agreements as it relates to his deal with the Birdman owned Cash Money after a falling out with the later.

Sweeney revealed that Wayne had settled the Cash Money lawsuit in May of 2018, however, it’s been said that Ronald only received partial payments of that settlement, which were not even remotely close to what he thinks was owed.

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