Rayon Reid Mourns Lives Of Friends Taken By DEADLY GAS From Moneague College Septic Tank

Wednesday, September 8, 2021, 11:01 AM

Rayon Reid of Central Cesspool at Moneague College is now experiencing an air of despair as he recently witnessed his friends pass from the toxic fumes, produced by a septic tank they were cleaning. The deceased has been identified as 46-year-old Kirk Kerr of Shelter Rock, Spanish Town and 56-year-old Joslyn Henry who is also a native of Spanish Town.

The sad incident also took the life of another person by the name of Beresford Gordon who lived in Church Pen, Spanish Town, who was the last to die from the incident.


According to Reid who recalled the events of the deadly instance, while they were cleaning the Septic Tanks, the party of persons conducting the cleansing were at the top while two of them were drawing out the contents to make way for someone to go inside.

According to Rayon Reid, there were 8 people present while the two men were drawing out the contents of the tank; however, one of the men asked for a ladder which was unavailable so another of the workers put down a hose in the tank which one of the men slid down on but blocked out upon reaching inside.

Another of Reid’s friends experienced the same fate too when he went in by way of the ladder they got for him to help the other individual.

At that point, Reid, decided he would go in the tank himself to help the others out however, upon reaching in the tank he said he saw one man in one corner while the other was at the foot of the ladder, but he could not save them as the scent of the has was too strong which forced him to head up the ladder almost not making it due to the strength of the smell. According to him, the persons at the top of the tank had to pull him out for him to have survived.

The surviving man said when he saw his friend he was trembling hard, due to what he described to be “one wicked wicked gas”.

Reid says that the incident has impacted him to the point of him experiencing mixed feelings because he is happy to be alive but sad at the same time for losing his friends, who knew for years and worked with him “since 2016”.

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