Rebel Gives Priceless Reaction to Chronic Law Entering Stage at Her Birthday Party – Watch Video

November 25, 2023

Popular female Jamaican dancer, Dancing Rebel had a birthday bash in the parking lot of the National Stadium in Kingston on Friday night and the highlight of the night was when ‘Law Boss’ took to the stage with his popular song Badness Upgrade.

The event which was orchestrated by Rebel’s manager, Romeich Major was well attended and patrons were seemingly well entertained based on images and videos that have been making rounds online from the event.


As per the flyer, the event was hosted by Ding Dong and IWaata, however, several other entertainers graced the stage including Chronic Law.

As seen in a 40+ seconds video clip from the show, while Chronic Law climbs the steps, making his way to the stage, Rebel jumps for joy, like a happy kid whose greatest wish was granted.

One Instagram user reacted to Rebel’s reaction in the video, stating, “If my girl nuh behave suh when mi reach home mi nuh want har,” while another jokingly said, “How mi behave when mi see mi dinner.”

Check out the viral video below:

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