Red Stripe and the Big Buss Competition ahead of Sumfest

July 11, 2018 6:57 PM

[Sharingbuttons]Red Stripe has put on “The Big Buss Competition” for 2 years it is big, exciting and Global. Young artistes are getting the opportunity to showcase their talent and get the help they need to become Superstars/ Pamela Smith aka Mystery P and Marvin Penant aka High Calibre are the winners this year. 

Last year’s winners will be getting an opportunity to be on the Sumfest platform this year as well. Downsound also selected a runner-up who will be on the show as getting exposure for young and upcoming artistes is what the competition is all about.


The D & G Foundation the Heart Foundation are on board as they are contributing to the preparation of the young artistes for International Stardom.  The artiste development program is geared towards getting the young artistes ready for stage performance, giving them studio time, and giving them tips for how to be confident and give of their best when they are onstage,  Mikey Bennet is in charge of a part of the program. Montego Bay was full of talented young people who were ready to be Superstars. 

Red Stripe has been doing activations abroad and here in Jamaica as well. Winners from the US and even Australia are looking forward to experiencing Reggae Sumfest. Red Stripe is promoting Red Stripe Beer as they encourage their customers to drink responsibly and support their Pop up Store where they will have merchandise.

Red Stripe became a title Sponsor of Reggae Sumfest again, since last year as Reggae Sumfest is growing Globally and Red Stripe is growing as a brand alongside the Festival.


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