Released Footage Shows Moment Cop Found Man’s Head and Penis in Bucket at Mother’s Home, His Girlfriend the Main Suspect – Watch Report

The jury in the Wisconsin murder trial of Taylor Schabusiness was shown video footage from police body cam of the disturbing moment police discovered the severed head and penis of her boyfriend in a bucket in his mother’s basement.

As soon as Schabusiness left the scene, Thyrion’s head was discovered by his mother, Tara Pakanich. After the police arrived at the home, they confirmed the gruesome discovery of Thyrion’s body parts.

As part of a meth-fueled BDSM romp that occurred on February 22 in 2022, Schabusiness, 25, is accused of strangling 25-year-old Shad Thyrion to death and then sexually abusing his body before dismembering and mutilating it with a bread knife.

In the body cam footage shown in court, the officers on the scene can be seen examing the basement where the body parts were discovered. Upon discovering the body parts, the officers were heard saying, “Oh my f–king God.”


“I went downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs, to the right, there was a green bucket with a shower towel on top of it. Just to verify we had an actual head in the bucket, lifted the towel off, and there was in fact a human head, severed head in the bucket,” Officer Alex Wanish said in court on Monday.

There were parts of Thyrion’s body scattered throughout the basement that were later discovered, including a portion of his torso, which was completely emptied of its organs, and had had his foot inserted into the chest cavity.

See the video below:


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