Rich Countries Accused of Hoarding Vaccine by PM Holness

Sunday, January 10, 2021, 11:37 AM GMT-5

Recently Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness accused Rich countries in the world of refusing to share the COVID-19 vaccine they have.

However, the Ministry of Health had released a statement about beginning the vaccination campaign in Jamaica in April.


The PM says his Government is still on track even though hoarding is taking place. Mr. Holness believes the rich countries are slowing the process of vaccinating the world’s population and slow the spread of the deadly virus that has been taking many lives.

Mr. Holness said the practice of holding on to large stockpiles of the vaccine comes at the expense of the poorer countries. 

Tis he believes causes a false sense of security for everyone.

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The Prime Minister still believes that despite the delays, Jamaica could be among the first set of countries to receive the vaccine in the developing world. 

He wants to be leading by example in taking the vaccine when it becomes available.

Pfizer and Moderna were the pharmaceutical companies that supplied the rich countries with their vaccine.

Other small countries like Jamaica are all waiting for the roll out of a vaccination program in their countries.

Commenting on the emerging new strains of the virus, The Prime Minister spoke about the new emerging strain of the virus and he also said further local restrictions must be based on evidence, as it would be the health officials who would better understand the information given about the new strains.

Mr. Holness was speaking this recently on Bloomberg’s Quicktake.

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