Rihanna Opens Up About How She Got Pregnant And Upcoming Delivery

On Tuesday Rihanna did an interview with Vogue and revealed information about her pregnancy that many would have been clueless about.

The Popstar and Fashion mogul who is now in her third trimester told Vogue that there was no planning behind her pregnancy but went on to state that she certainly is not planning against it.

In explaining how it all happened, ‘Riri’ made the popular magazine know that she does not know when she ovulates or anything relating to the matter. As a matter of fact, the “Disturbia” artiste stated that she and her partner A$ap Rocky just had a bit of fun and then by the time they knew it she was pregnant.

Rihanna expressed herself in the interview like a proud expecting mom by making Vogue know that her body is going through incredible things at this time, which is something she is not afraid of.

Knowing that she is very close to giving birth, the pop star was asked by the well-known magazine how she felt about the next stage of pregnancy to which she answered that she would love for her loved ones to be present; however, due to the restrictions put in place because of the Covid-19 pandemic and so she might just have to have a party bus parked outside the hospital.

As for what she fears most about her situation, the Basian National Heroine told Vogue that it is going to be the Post Mortem depression that comes after giving birth as she wonders how she is going to behave emotionally since she had heard scary stories as it relates to the phenomenon from other women.

So far Rihanna has not disclosed any information about the location at which she will be giving birth or when she is due for delivery but one thing for sure is that the 34-year-old has been going all out with her fashion statements since the revelation of her pregnancy to the public and the Vogue photoshoot was no different as she went out of the box and sported a red-coloured Alaïa bodysuit with a lacy design.

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