Robber Shot And Killed By Security Guard in Mobay Scotia Bank – Video

Wednesday, December 29, 2021, 4:25 PM

A tragic event unfolded today in Montego Bay, at the Bank of Nova Scotia in Sam Sharpe Square, where a man was shot and killed after an attempted robbery at the financial institution.

In a viral video, that was released online showing the incident, it could be seen where there was much commotion in the bank, as it was also reported that the man had a knife which he was using to threaten one of the tellers into giving him money.


At that point, many people were sending out alarming screams, while others were telling the security guard on the scene to shoot the man in his hand.

In a quick move, however, it can be seen that the guard moved towards the robber, and discharged a round which was reported to have proven fatal to the man. This is not the first time either, that the man was said to have done something of the sort as he was reported to have robbed a grocery store recently.

It will be quite an interesting thing to find out what happens at this point since the security did not spare the robber and questions to be asked even though, the guard saved the day are whether or not the security personnel was trained to kill in a situation like that and could the fatal shooting of the man be avoided by a leg or arm shot or even de-escalation.

We will just need to wait and hear the development of the story since it is still a fresh one and unique.

Check out the viral incident below.

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