Romeich Major: Multifaceted Entrepreneur Celebrates New Business Venture

Romeich Major, the renowned artiste manager, producer, designer, and businessman, has again set social media ablaze with his recent celebratory post.

This time, he shared exciting news about his latest business venture, Major Marketing (@majormarketingja), leaving his followers in awe of his ongoing success.


In an Instagram post, Romeich showcased his new venture with two videos and a picture that truly captured the essence of his achievement.

The first video featured the entrepreneur standing confidently on the doorstep of an open-door trailer, repeating the words, “Out deh pon the big machine.”

With a gesture from Romeich, the truck driver acknowledged the command and smoothly drove the truck forward, symbolising the launch and forward momentum of Major Marketing.

Watch the video below:


In the second video, the truck was driving on the highway with the business’s name and logo displayed prominently. The catchy tune “Boss” by Alkaline was played in the background, further emphasising Romeich’s status as a boss and highlighting his ambitions in the business world.

Watch the video below:

Accompanying the videos was a picture of Romeich Major posing proudly in front of the branded trailer truck. With arms outstretched and a beaming smile on his face, the image epitomised the excitement and pride that comes with achieving yet another milestone in his entrepreneurial journey.

See the photo below:

Romeich Major


Major Marketing’s presence on the road in the form of the trailer showcased the scope and scale of Romeich’s ambitions. The bold and eye-catching name and logo written on the truck confirmed his commitment to making the business a success.

As news of Romeich’s new business venture spread across Instagram, his followers flooded the comments section with congratulatory messages and encouragement.

See the comments below:

Romeich Major Comments

It is evident that his passion, dedication, and hard work have not gone unnoticed, and his supporters are thrilled to witness yet another chapter in his entrepreneurial endeavours.


See more comments below:


Romeich Major comments

Romeich Major’s journey from running errands for artistes to becoming a successful entrepreneur is a testament to his versatility and determination.

His ability to excel in multiple domains, from managing artistes to producing music, designing fashion, and now venturing into marketing, demonstrates his shrewd business acumen.

We eagerly await the further development and success of Major Marketing, confident that Romeich Major will continue to impress and inspire us all. Congratulations, Romeich!

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