Romeich Shows Us His New Whip BMW 740i – Watch Video

February 5, 2023

Romeich is a Jamaican entrepreneur with multiple businesses; the 37-year-old is more formally known as Rudolph Brown. The now-famous producer got his start in the industry as a designer for top stars and has been toiling upward since.

Romeich became the name on every Jamaican’s lips when he became the manager of the dancehall princess Shenseea since the beginning of her career, and although she has changed managers since, Romeich has been seen making public appearances with Shenseea. In an interview with the Jamaica Gleaner, Romeich said that he used to run errands for the group TOK in his earlier days, and that was also something that helped propel him to the success he has acquired today.


Videos of Romeich and his brand-new BMW 740i car were posted online. According to the BMW USA website, the car is one of the brand’s flagship sedan models and can go from 0 to 60 in 5.2 seconds with 375 HP. In a recent series of posts, Romeich captioned one of the videos, “Buy a car without seeing it now that’s rich,” implying that the vehicle’s unveiling is the producer’s first time seeing it.

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Romeich could also be seen taking the car for a drive while giving his fans a sneak peek of the car’s interior. Fans could even hear a preview of artiste Ding Dong’s new track, “Bup Inna Dem Head,” being played in the car as Romeich flaunted his iced-out wrist.

The luxurious interior design has a touchscreen display with overhead lights on the car’s see-through roof. The car even came with a BMW suitcase to ensure that the car’s driver was always travelling in style.

Watch Romeich in his new BMW below:



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