Rushane Barnett Stabbed His Father Prior To Killing His Cousin And Her Kids

The “act of savagery and brutality of unequal proportions” according to the Minister of National Security, Dr. Horace Chang, has been the talk of the nation since the murders were discovered on Tuesday morning in the Cocoa Piece Community in New Road, Clarendon. 

Rushane Barnet is said to be the lead suspect in the vicious massacre of the hard-working single mother Kemisha wright and her four young children. It is claimed that 23-year-old Barnet was wanted in relation to his alleged involvement in lottery scamming and the stabbing of his father. The incident was not followed up as his father is said to have not wanted to file any charges against him. 


However, he did flee the parish after these events transpired and was given refuge by Kemisha, a cousin to the accused, hence how he came to reside with the family. It was reported that after some time at the residence, Kemisha and Roshane argued over Mr. Barnett’s usage of the single-parent household to sell Cannabis. 

Several such domestic disputes followed up until the day of the slaughter. Residents claim to have seen the assailant sharpening a knife the day before the killings and one such resident stated to have heard him mutter “Mi must kill somebody” as reported by The Gleaner in an article on Tuesday, foreshadowing the gruesome tragedy.  

The Minister of National Security had made a statement that the assailant was detained and in custody only to later retract the statement because he had been misinformed and Barnett is reportedly still at large. Further news hit the public ear early Wednesday morning with reports that Mr. Barnett has been captured and is now in the hands of the police with the hopes that justice will be served for the heartless murders of Kemisha Wright and her four children whose futures were cut regrettably short. 

Citizens all over the country share their own opinions of “gone are the days when they woulda found him bun up in one old tire” and “I’m sure she never would have let him in the house if she knew what would happen. This reminds me sadly of the murders in Trayall Heights. It was a relative who caused that incident too”. 

Residents of the Cocoa Piece community had been wary of the youth, otherwise known as Jet when he had just started living with the now deceased. Neighbours and family members alike are left distraught. 

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