Russian Soldier Kills Ukrainian Soldiers After Refusal to Stand Down – Watch Video

In a video of the seemingly ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, two Ukrainian soldiers were killed during the battle for refusing to lower their weapons after they were blindsided during battle.

Less than two minutes long, the footage shows how brutal it can be on the battlefield during a war when two opposing sides clash. The Russian soldier is seen creeping up on the Ukrainians as they face the other way, cowering in the trenches of a half-enclosed, makeshift fort.


After taking up a defensive position behind a tree directly at the rear of the opposing forces, The Russian soldier, in his native tongue, begins to shout at the soldiers. He can be seen gesturing to the gun all the while not getting too close.

When he noticed that he was making little progress in speaking, the Russian stepped forward and grabs the gun of the Ukrainian who was sitting and begins a brief tug of war for the gun he was holding. The man refuses to let go, but his partner who was lying down starts to sit up slowly with his hands slightly raised, weaponless.

Unknown if he was spooked by the movement or out of patience for the unrelenting soldier, he starts to shoot and kills the soldiers before him. After the fact, he quickly retrieves their gun and retreats to hide behind the tree again.

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Uploaded to World Star, someone in the comment section stated, “they were gonna get killed regardless russian troops dont take pows usually,” while another person pointed out that one of the Ukrainians might have wanted to give up by voicing, “looks like the young guy on the left did, he got sent to kingdom come because of his partner.”

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